Context is everything. It sets the tone for our world, allowing the opportunity to infuse intention into everything that we do. Yet how often do you stop to consciously create context for your day, let along for life in general. Not often, I'd imagine.  

This thing is that we are always in relationship to context. The point being, are you creating context for yourself or allowing someone to do it for you. When I live UNconsciously, I give my power away. The power of choice and perspective is the only true force we can exert upon the world. A great example is my son! 

He has grown so much in his time away in Texas. He left as a baby and came back a toddler. Anyway he has since gained more mobility and is able to communicate more than before he left (sign language and select few words). What does this have to do with context? Everything. You see, he is able to more clear communicate his wants which then, acts as a reference point for us to act upon. How often do we have difficulty communicating to others because 1 we are clear upon what we want 2 we are not able to articulate it with clarity. Often I'd say! 

Here's a simple activity (read entire paragraph before you start). Close your eyes. Ask yourself what do you want right now. Listen for an answer. While the answer may vary, the desire that you have expressed creates context for this moment. You can do this for your day, week, month, year, or whatever! Yet until you make time to write th plot of your narrative then it'll continue to be a biography that someone else has authored.