Moon Musings - New Moon in Cancer


This one is a doozy! Cancer is our conenction to the Infinite waters do Creation; the Unconcscious, or the Super Conscious mind. This also means that it is our connection to our own personal source of self, our unconsciousness. Typically filtered for our capcities, the gateway to the All is wide open on this moon.  

Light and Dark, shine and shadow - these constructs are meaningless as we sway in the vast ocean of our Self. We simply are. Yet as turbulent and tumultuous as this can be, it is not without purpose. Like the sediment that is kicked up by the changing tides, that which does not serve us becomes clear. We experience ourselves in our wholeness and are given the opportunity to choose differently. 

What gets us through this aspect of our journey is will. As long as we know our 'destination' (aka vision)we are able to focus upon our desired end - where or who we want to be. This New Moon, set your intentions for who it is you want to be. At the core of who you are, what values do you want to exhibit in every moment of everyday. Let this moon mark the end in the chapter of your narrative, and be the beginnings of a new time in your life. Be true to you, and these qualities will get you through the storm of your Self.