FORECAST - 7/24 ~ 7/30

I'm not going to lie, this week will be tough for many. Yet it can spur tremendous growth and development, if we approach it with the appropriate perspective. With so much happening globally, we are facing many collective challenges. The current situation (as with all challenges) is one that will come through the school of hard knocks, however, if we are keen to these energies we can buffer the effects and allow things to flow rather than fighting the tide. 

Both in my geomantic reading, and with the Tarot the theme that has emerged is one of collective sorrow and oppression. I know, good times. Yet within the context of Creation balance is what transcends all things. You see, without experiencing Darkness we cannot know Light. This week is merely our time to spend in our darkness to better comprehend our light. 

Be mindful of 2 main principles this week - Cause & Effect and Polarity. Questions to ask yourself are:

- What factors led to your situation? How did this experience take place? 

- What is my experience of this event? How can I shift myself to experience this in the positive? 

Focus upon your work this week. Grounding in the material plane, especially your day-to-day will assist in making the most of this week. When in the heat of it, remember to take a moment to respond to your situation rather than react. In these moments, you will find your true power!