I dislike zoos. I hadn't realized this until I took my son to the zoo yesterday. An animal lover, I was excited to share the experience of being in the presence of such majestic creatures. To feel the vibration of these powerful energies of Creation and share space with such an array of magnificent life. 

Then we got there, and everything within me shifted. I have no doubt that to behold the splendor of these animals in their natural, wild habitat is an amazing experience. To see them in captivity, however,is something quite different. As we walked along the path of caged animals, I began to feel sad, confused, and honestly quite depressed. Then we happened upon the elephants. There in the dirt and sand stood a towering figure broken by the captivity it defines its life by. 

What I came to realize is that the essence of these animals had changed. That what we, the observers saw, was a diluted, distortion of what these beasts are born to be. Animals possess such wisdomm, yet seeing them as mirrors of self, we can connect to their energy by acknowledging that we possess similar characteristics of Self. However the mirror image I saw at the zoo was one of utter, dismal defeat. 

How often do we hold captive the true essence of ourselves? What happens when we 'cage' our natural being so that we can please the observers around us? What is left when we sacrifice ourselves by place our spirit into a cage? 

I am grateful for this experience, however do not plan on going back to the zoo anytime soon.  I will honor the spirit of these animals, and take to heart the wisdom of what I have learned. For what lies in store for each of us in captivity is nothing short of death.