When building a foundation, the cornerstone is most important. The integrity of this stone is what determines the stability of the entire structure.m therefore care and consideration is invaluable when choosing the right stone. 

This is a great metaphor for life now. We are in the midst of some monumental transitions in every arena - personal, political, financial, etc. As the towers (constructs) within our lives crumble, we have an incredible opportunity to rebuild ourselves in an unprecedented way - consciously. What life do I wish to live? How can I be of service to the world? How can I best live my values now? These are the caliber of questions that we are being presented with. Opportunities to move forward in our lives in new and powerful ways. 

Yet, what will we choose as the cornerstone of lives now? If what was, no longer is; and what can be, is becoming then how do you choose the foundation of life from here on out?