In every moment of everyday, we are presented with a choice. An opportunity, really, to go in the direction of the best version of ourselves or not. This could mean NOT eating that cookie. Or perhaps finally starting that business. Irrespective of the what, the important thing to remember is that we ultimately decide our fate. 

Fully immersed in in the now, my son reminds me of this every day. Each time he throws his food around, trips on the carpet, or shows compassion to my wife - he is choosing to be his authentic self. The funny thing is that children don't decide to be real, they just are. At some point, we forget that the power of our self-narrative lies within ourselves. Kids remind us otherwise. When I see my son smiling as he throws a slipper off our balcony (one of his favorite activities nowadays) I just laugh.  

You see, the power that we forget we have is that we hold the pen to our stories. That we create the content and decide what the content of our lives is composed of. Remember this next time the choice presents itself and ask if this action is how you want your story to go?