Everything is in flux. As the tides of change continue to ebb and flow, I realize more and more how humanity is merely along for the ride.  

This past Sunday, during Father's Day brunch, my grandma had a stroke. Luckily my cousin, sitting and speaking with her at the time, noticed what was happening and immediately took action. We got grandma to the ER quickly, however the damage has been done.  

In observing grandma over the past few years, steadily getting weaker, I've attempted to do what I can to support her. What I've come to realize through this experience is that she is not only ready for the ultimate transition that we experience in life, she wants it.  

Grandma was raised on a farm, and is no stranger to hard work. As the oldest of 8 siblings she's been the backbone of her family since childhood. She's raised 4 amazing children, supported 4 grandchildren, and continues to financially assist her great-grandchildren. 

I connected with grandma at the hospital and realized that she is ready for this next journey. She's lived a fulfilled life and has been matriarch to us all through the years. And while her fate is by no means sealed, I find it amazing - courageous and inspiring - how she faces this transition in her life.