Things are happening so fast. We, all of us, are in the midst of a transition of tremendous proportions. As such our lessons in this life are coming fast.  

My son, Drake Pōhaku, continues to educate me upon these lessons. While at a BBQ, my friend told me he would watch baby so I could grill. Not thinking much about it (he has 2 sons of his own) I took the lead on grilling and not 1 minute later SMACK! Baby Drake had face planted into the ground. 

Let me tell ya, lessons galore on this one. Primary amongst them being fearlessness. My son is a powerhouse of a child. He throws caution to the wind and jumps, in this case, face first into everything. I have not been that guy for a very long time. As a child I would give 100% of myself to whatever I did. At some point, I got scared. I throttled down my Self and gave 'enough'. Yet what happens when I live my life in accordance with comfort? What happens to my ambitions, goals, and drive? Moreover how much less is the world when I do not allow for the fullest expression of myself? 

It is a lose-lose. I take from myself and from those around me. The world is less for this. And yes, my son almost repeated the face plant 5 minutes later! Yet the point is he is fearless. He lives without restrictions or limitations, truly believing that he is safe in all that he does. Are there lessons for him to learn? Yes, as I said, we all have them. However, my hope for him is that he comes to comprehend how to direct this pure energy of courage. To leap without looking, always ready to catch himself should he fall.