What happens when we align ourselves with the energy currents around us? When the conscious mind creates congruence with the sub- and super-conscious mind? When we achieve this within ourselves, we create a mastermind of self. 

How powerful we are when we bring the fullness of ourselves into every moment. How easy life is when we are not swimming upstream, rather, we move with the flow of Self. Easier said then done, you say? I beg to differ! 

We we are always in communication with all aspects of our Self. The thing is we forgot how to speak the language of the soul. To achieve the Mastermind, the harmonizing of our minds, requires us to be aware in every moment.  

Example - yesterday, our son dropped the remote control into the toilet. The signs we're there: he had the remote in hand, B-lining it to the bathroom. If I knew he was going to do it, why didn't I stop him? My inner voice (subconscious mind) was yelling at me, however my conscious mind was sitting in the driver's seat immersed in conversation. How often does this happen to us? So consciously focused that we miss the messages we receive? Let me tell you: OFTEN! 

To harmonize our minds means to listen to ourselves. Obviously I'm not perfect. However with each and every time you decide to act upon an impulse, listen to your inner wisdom in a step in achieving your Mastermind of Self.