Harmony is hardly harmonious. While we often view harmony as being in a state of peacefulness, the opposite is actually true. Harmony is a matter of all aspects working together for a common goal. This means that when a certain aspect is out of balance, then it is corrected. 

Here's an example. My grandma will be 92 years old this year. As the matriarch of the family she is the force that unifies the Tengans. While my father and his siblings gather for events (birthdays, celebrations, etc), rarely will they see each other outside of family activities. Two years ago, however, grandma had major surgery and the family went into action. All of us committed to supporting grandma, thereby ensuring that she was not alone during her recovery. We had schedules and shifts, communicating by phone, notes, and emails. The extra commitment of time, for most of us, meant drastically changing our personal schedules and priorities. While not harmonious personally, between us all, we were able to balance the management of care for grandma. Unified by a common goal we made things work. 

This is harmony. In nature, fires burn old growth thereby creating the biomass to spur new forests. In our own lives, we must remember that while the process may be far from harmonious, only time will tell the harmony that the events of life may bring.