Things don't just happen. While we may not be able to understand the subtle processes that occur beyond the scope of our comprehension, things pan out in accordance with the principle of cause and effect. The issue is that we get so caught up with the effect, we fail to recognize that we are the cause. Furthermore we neglect to realize that as we react to the effect, we become the cause of another effect. 

Here's a great example. We recently got a cat. I've never had a cat (more of a dog guy) and so am learning that cats are niele (nosey). As such he tends to be curious about everything that I do. My office holds a lot of things that I keep out of reach from the cat and our son. After months of kicking the cat out of my office (cause #1), last week I forgot to close my door as we went out to dinner (cause #2). In doing so I quite literally opened the door to our cat's curiosities. The effect of cause #1 (kicking the cat out) created a strong desire to go through everything in my office, which was the effect of cause #2 (forgetting to close my door). Coming home to a destroyed office was the direct effect of these causes. I got pissed, tossed the cat out of the office and continued to close the door in him. Guess what? I'm right back where I started being the cause of yet again another effect. 

Here's the opportunity to break this cycle. I have a choice - continue doing what I was doing (hasn't worked yet) or do something differently. I'm opting to do something different, I'll let you know how this pans out!