Have you ever had a mindful cup of tea? It is an incredible process of immersing all sensing into a single moment. More than merely a matter of drinking, I saturate myself with the fullness of the experience. Each sip is more flavorful, every smell is an adventure - the sight of tea leaves suspended reflects the true nature of time. What the hell does that even mean?! 

We often perceive time to be linear. Yesterday is behind me, while tomorrow lies ahead--  right? Within what we can perceive, this tends to be the case. However, what if I told you that time is really a matter of moments strung together by the thread of our soul? That each moment is snapshot of our soul's experience linked by the consciousness that is us. That the past only matters as much as we allow it to. That what happens in the now doesn't mean that the future outcome will be consistent with our expectations. 

Mind blown yet? What this speaks to is the importance of every single moment. The three minutes getting your coffee. The hour spent with grandma. The early morning meeting with your boss.  When we allow ourselves to experience the fullness of each and every moment, the most seemingly boring events can take on a profundity beyond words. Take this mentality into the world with you tomorrow and behold what you create!