I love my grandma. I love my son. While the love I have for both differ, I love them all the same. One thing that I love about them is that they display truth in each and every one of their actions. For baby, that is all he knows. He doesn't worry about how I'll take his cries, how I'll react to his laughs, he just is. Grandma is much the same. Old enough to not care, wise enough to know how to display that. She speaks exactly what she feels in every moment.  

It it is refreshing - there's no pretense with either. When did we get so afraid of being true with others? When did keeping those around us happy become more important than speaking truth? In answering these questions, it's best to start with ourselves.  

I often lied to my wife when we first met. I'd tell her things that I thought she wanted to hear, and delivered those messages convincingly. Hell! I even believed me! I began to notice that I felt off though. My need to please her was coming at the expense of my own well-being--apattern that I developed as a child to keep my parents from fighting (just shut your mouth Mike and everything will be alright). I hadn't realized that I was more so lying to myself.  

How many of us are guilty of this? The thing is, when we hide ourselves away for others, we are keeping our true selves from everyone. How liberating is it to say exactly what you feel? To tell someone exactly what you think? It is time for us to be true. To live and speak our own wondrous, unique, and unequivocal truth. At the end of the day, the person we must answer to most is at the opposite end of this road.