We bring things into the world. More than merely thinking things into Creation, the process is much more involved than watching The Secret.  

Manifesting in our lives requires three things - thoughts, feelings, and actions. My son is the perfect example. After a year and a half of attempting to have a child, in 2014, my wife and I went to check on our fertility levels (that's another story entirely). At the time, she was in Texas visiting her father while I was here on Oahu working.  

I remember it clear as day when I found out, with my sperm count, it was near impossible to naturally conceive children. What a shot in get the picture. In this instance I had two choices: believe what I was being told, or not. I chose the latter. 

Here is where manifestation took place.  First and foremost, this was a co-creative process. Both my wife and I had to be creating from the same place, holding the same vision. A family of three: happy, healthy, and whole. Next was to identify all the thoughts that would be congruent with this vision. Then, all the emotions that I would experience in holding my child in my arms. Finally, all the actions (nutrition, exercise, restorative work...oh yeah, sex) to accomplish our goal. It was August 15th, 2014, nearly 4 months after our fertility test, that we discovered we were pregnant! 

In a single moment all the emotions of happiness flooded through me with such intensity that I did not know how to even react. Today, our son is going on 13 months and is a testament to the power of manifestation and the co-creative process, for which I'll remain eternally grateful.