We all have it. That hidden talent, that special something that only we can do in the way that we do it. We may not consciously know or fully accept it, however, we have it none the less. 

Your genius - as I like to frame it - is all you own. It is the thing, knowledge, song, that you are able to do. Think on that. If you never realize what this painting, idea, or talent is then the world will never know it. 

I have a friend who has a background in chemistry, business management, and environmental health who has a true passion for exotic botanicals. When we go hiking, he is able to name plants we encounter, their geographic origin, and their uses for food, medicine, etc. Yet for him, his passion seems far fetched and not practical. As such he has denied himself this passion for a very long time. Recently though, he has realized that he'd like to write a book. This book is something that will carry his voice, share his knowledge, and truly express his genius. And you know what, the world will be a better place because of this esoteric collection of exotic botanicals. 

How often do we deprive the world of our genius because we are afraid of what others think? How much less fulfilling are our lives when we deny ourselves our true passions? Your genius is your own. Remember that if you don't share what you have to offer, no one else will.