She's my fire, I cool her flame. She wants to explore the world, I'm a hermit who would almost always rather be home. While my wife and I are seemingly worlds apart, the truth is we balance each other out like no others could. And in that space between she and I, beauty can be found. 

This is the inherent relationship of duality: two, seemingly oppositional forces, engaged in a dance that can only be had between strong diametric opposites. Yet while most may behold us as different, the reality is that duality is merely a matter of perception. The dance we participate in is what unifies us. It is what takes the wholeness of two individuals into a state of oneness.

It is the fact that we are individual beings who possess traits and attributes separate and distinct from each other that allows us to create the union that we have. Like the spectrum of a rainbow, the completion of the visage comes with the complexity of the color scheme. 

So remember we are more similar than different. We have more in common than not. And when you next attempt to differentiate others from yourself, that it is our diversity that truly allows us to see the full spectrum of life.