This past week, communication seems to be a reoccurring theme. Perfect example, this morning, I had arranged an outdoor exercise session with a client. I gave directions listing (what I thought was) a common landmark to meet at. 7am rolled around, and although I had received a text from her saying that she was 'here' I was unable to find her. After wandering for a bit, I finally called and asked where she was, only to find that she was on the other side of the park! 

When we communicate, we often make many assumptions - that I am understood, that I was clear, that the landmark mentioned is known to all. Communication is about perspective. I assumed that my message was clear because I stated directions with specificity. However perspective changes dependent upon where a person is standing. We could be looking at the same sky, and while I see the sun shining bright you may be standing under a cloud of rain. Remember this as you communicate with the world around you. Moreover, remember this when in communication with yourself. In doing so, you'll see that the fewer assumptions you make, the more effective your communication will be.