What is our relationship with the natural world around us? Are we open to the messages that we receive when nature communicates to us? I was talking with my Transcendental Meditation (TM) teachers last night about regard and reverence, and the importance that it has in humanity's comprehension of the world around us. The understanding that each and everyone of us is part of, and subject to the Natural Laws of the Universe. Yet all too often we forget this relationship that we have, and disregard communication that nature offers us. 

Here's a perfect example of mixed messages. This morning, I was walking around (barefoot) with my son and stepped on a bee. Yup, it stung me good! After yelping...I mean, grunting (a very manly grunt, I might add) I stopped to ask myself what is the message here. In shamanism, everything is medicine. Nature is always in communication with us, and is often working to support us in our development. With this in mind, our interaction with the world around us can yield incredible wisdom. 

The bee is industrious, singular minded, and methodical in its work. It also defies logic with its flight - able to generate so much energy with its wings that it is able to support, not only its own body weight, but the weight of its carrying load as well. So what medicine, or message can be seen here? Back to seeing the world with regard and reverence. When I view this incident through a different lens, I can see that it is time to refocus my own attention upon doing my work. It is time to direct my energy fully, wholly, and with purpose. 

Remember this the next time you have a run in with nature that leaves you staggering. Messages come in the form of medicine for all of us. When we open our eyes to the healing that we seek, the medicine is so much easier to handle.