True confidence needs never to be spoken of, never requires bolstering, and is always present, because it is Self when actualized. We sometimes forget this, and search out ways to reinforce fallacies of the ego. Yet when we define ourselves in such ways - beauty, fitness, wealth - we mistakenly identify ourselves with transient attributes and qualities. 

What the hell does that first paragraph even mean?! Let me give you an example. In the span of a couple of years, a client of mine lost both parents, her sibling, and her job. Her reference points in life - her roles as a daughter, sister, professional, etc - dissolved into nothingness. The person she had always known herself to be was nothing more than a memory. 

As difficult as this was, it brought to light the need to define herself from her Essence versus Ego. Beyond the roles occupied, who was she at the core of her Self? She began going on trips, taking time to do the things she loved, and experience life on the terms she decided to set for herself. 

Confidence is the direct result of living life authentically - to know that you know who you are from the very depth of your Soul. In looking at bring forth true confidence, ask yourself the following questions:  

- what are my values?  

- what are my passions?  

- what qualities do I bring to the world?