My Grandma Margret was an amazing woman. As my brother and I were raised by my mom, Grandma was key in our upbringing as she'd watch us in the afternoons and evenings until mom came home from work. Every day after school she'd pick us up from campus, take us over to Ooka Supermarket in Wailuku and buy us sandwiches and snacks. At night grandma would make dinner for everyone, always taking care to make sure we all had enough. Her kindness and care has always been an inspiration for me. 

Seemingly such a simple thing, sharing kindness, is often thought of as outward, focused upon those around us. Yet how are we able to give to others what we don't give to ourselves first? When I think back to grandma and how giving she was of herself, I also recognize that grandma exercised kindness towards herself often. It was because she did this for herself that she was able to show us the same care. 

When looking to exercise kindness in the world remember that it begins with self. Show yourself kindness first then allow it to sincerely flow through you to others. In doing so, you will be able to remain authentic in your actions, emotions, and words.