Saturday was my son's first birthday. In the 367 days that he has lived, I have connected to Life in ways I've never expected nor could I anticipate.  

When I look back at my life prior to his birth, the world seemed so limited. I lived my life in the constructs of what I knew, what I could fathom, and how I could be. That all changed when, on April 23rd 2015, I held my son in my hands for the first time. He came, as his Hawaiian name Pōhaku (stone) would indicate, like a rolling boulder into the world. Much in the same manner, his life has been truly impactful. 

Excitement, fear, wonder, love - like a wild cacophony of emotion, the first few months were surreal. When one brings life into the world it is hard not to contemplate how I can make things better for my child. What can I do to be the best version of myself? How can I positively impact the world so that he can live in a better place than I? Life takes new shape, opens new dimensions of meaning and value. I can still remember looking my son in his eye. He looked back at me, and I cried at the absolute beauty of the moment.  

Perspective comes down to the culmination of life experiences that have tinged the lens that we see the world through. The color and hue in which we view the world though changes often, even within a day. I may see things differently as a father than I would as a business man. How I respond to a situation as a husband will vary from how I do as a coach. Perspective is important  to remember because the more colors we use to paint, the more robust a picture we can create. Everyone has their own perspective and the more we open ourselves to them the more complete our view of life can be.