What light do you bring to the world? Many will seek this outside of themselves, never realizing that their truth exists within. Education or 'to bring up' is a process that each of us is capable of - enlightens the self, or emerging from the darkness of unknowing.  

It is not an easy process, however our Spirit wants us to journey none the less. I was talking with a friend about this very topic today. He embarked on his own personal path about 3 months ago. Tired of his job, trading his time for money, his life for someone else's dream.  

While his intention has been to shift and to create a new life from within, he has not spent much time going into the darkness or silence of his Self. Last night he had one hell of a dream!

Missiles, murders, and betrayal - you know, one of those. As he was talking about his dream, expressing how violent and disturbing this sequence was, all I had to say was 'Awesome'. 

Let me explain. When we actively do 'the work' - introspect, contemplate, and emotionally open ourselves to the mystery within, we tend to get answers. However, when we don't initially listen, that slight tug graduates to a pull. When the pull is ignored, we tend to get nudged. When we pull away from a nudge, well, you get the idea. Education is an on going process and our Soul wants us to explore - to bring up that light found only with our darkness. Remember this the next time you are dealing with an internal struggle with your Self. True education is something to work through towards the light of your own wisdom.