I have a thing for owls. Quiet. Observant. Patient. Historically, they appear throughout the world as avatars of wisdom - creatures able to peer into the darkness and see with clarity. What I have always liked best about owls is the vision they possess. How many of us have the capacity to look beyond today, into the darkness of tomorrow? 

Vision is something that is not lacking in today's world. In fact, there seems to be an abundance of visionaries who support us in exercising perspective, viewing things differently than we typically would. However for other people, having vision is difficult. We get caught in a box of our own creation, distracted by bills, responsibilities, in the realm of 'have to'. Conversely, there are others of us who get stuck in a pit of own desires, too focused upon what we want rather than how can we contribute. 

To a certain degree vision is an amalgam of both - desire and necessary action - with the addition of an 'x' factor. This last aspect of the equation takes into consideration a specific attribute that each and everyone of us possesses. Once we discover this, however, the rest of the equation is easy. 

Like the owl, realize your own personal vision takes silence, observation, and most of all patience. In doing so you are able to peer into all that you truly can be.