I love the story of the Hawaiians voyaging across the ocean from Tahiti. Think about it. Setting sail from a small cluster of islands, navigating by the stars alone to a smaller cluster of islands in the midst of miles of water. While the destination is absolute, the route can vary with infinite possibilities. At some point, subject to the external forces of nature, these intrepid travelers needed to surrender. Surrender to the lack or abundance of wind. Surrender to the swells or calmness of the waters. Surrender to what is instead of fighting for what 'ought' to be. 

As the ocean has a rhythm all its own, we constantly move through ebbs and flows within our lives. To clarify, when I say surrender, I do not mean giving up. Rather, acceptance - this is key to be able to navigate through each and every moment. As we accept the fullness of every situation, we are confronted with a level of truth and honesty which allows us to respond in a way that is both meaningful and effective. 

I was speaking with a client about this last week. He's in the midst of a major career change - pursuing work in a field that he enjoys rather than continuing merely what he has done. He was sharing that the anxiety he is experiencing on how to pay his bills has been crippling in moving forward. Truly a leap of faith, his shift in careers means a whole new way of life. My response to this was simple - recognize the anxiety for what it is, fear. Inevitably we play out scenarios in our mind. Usually they are 'worst-case' which, of course, translate to anxiety. Yet until we acknowledge that we are afraid we are unable to honestly confront this fear. 

This is where surrender becomes an incredible tool and resource. Surrender to the fact that you are afraid - not to the fear. In being truthful with ourselves we are able to peer directly into the eyes of whatever we are facing and act best in our lives. You'll be surprised how much easier things are when you accept and go with the flow of life.