It has been a hell of a year. It seems as if everyone I know is experiencing extraordinary transitions in life. Career changes, break-ups, debilitating injuries - you name it, we are facing it now. This can be incredibly stressful if we are not capable of navigating these currents with care. 

Ultimately, every moment is an opportunity for growth. Now is no different. I was speaking with a client the other day about how to best handle the ebb and flow of these times. Two things will truly help journeying through the darkness of our path - surrender and tenacity. 

I know, paradox. How can we be both? Just as the ocean has a rhythm of its own, we too, are capable of moving through seemingly polar opposite characteristics. For now, I want to talk about tenacity. 

I am an avid hiker. Love it - immersing in nature, unplugging from the day-to-day, connecting to the world around me. In the hills, there are times that I am unable to pass. Most times, however, I choose to go around, under, or over whatever obstacle I encounter. The reason being, well, because it's fun! More so, I tenaciously hold onto a vision. When I go into the mountains I envision making it to the top. While I may not be able to go in the way which I had planned, I continue to climb nonetheless. Unless I have and hold strong to a vision, I can easily get lost on my path. 

What does this have to do with major life changes? Everything. Tenacity comes into play when we hold strong to a vision of what our life looks, feels, and can be like. This gives us something to reach for, lean towards, and lighten the burden of the now. So allow things to happen, to unfold, yet keep strong in knowing that with a tenacious grip on tomorrow we can better realize our now.