The will to live. The will to succeed. The will to enable peace in our time. When the passion of emotion is channeled into a conscious intention, this is will. 

Yet the two key ingredients are often not engaged in the correct manner. Emotions can be tricky, sometimes damn right messy. As such, many people bottle them up, keeping them under lock and key. As for intention, this requires a conscious thought process guided by a vision of some sort. With so many people living life by unconscious patterns, how can we enable our will if the two primary ingredients remain elusive?  

Checking in with self is critical to this process. What am I feeling now? Am I anxious? Am I angry? Am I happy and excited? To know what emotions are being experienced allows us to fully connect to what is being expressed.  

The same goes for intentions. Consciously setting intentions every day allows us to provide a guiding thought for 'how' our day will transpire. Lastly, visualizing what this experience will be like while engaging all the senses, will provide the fuel for realizing the power of will.