Gateway to Self

Today is a remarkable opportunity - a chance to accelerate the transformation from self to Self. With an eclipse, super moon, and new moon all on the same day, it is as if the cosmos is truly conspiring in our favor by opening a gateway through authenticity to further personal growth and hastening our spiritual expansion. The caveat being that we must direct these forces with our consciousness and be courageous enough to step into a vision that we hold for the future now. 

The issue for many will be with vision. Consciously we envision what more looks like - more money, more time, more love. Yet in generalizing 'more' we do not give power to the vision itself. Is it a matter of specificity? Not necessarily. You see our true power is held, not within conscious thought but within the construct of the subconscious mind. And the subconscious mind thrives in emotion and experience. 

This means that instead of envisioning more money, ask yourself what that money will allow you to do. Then answer that question with a narrative so descriptive that you can smell the salt at that Tahitian beach, hear the birds chirping in the Sierra mountains, taste the sweetness of that freshly brewed cappuccino in that Sicilian cafe. You must experience the fullness of your vision in a way that you lose yourself to it. Then, and only then, will you signal to the forces of the cosmos that you mean business and what exactly that means. Therein lies the magic, and the gateway to Self.