Full Moon Musings - March

March 31st marks the 3rd full moon of this year. This month we dive into the emotional depths of Libra. Compassionate and gentle in approach, this energy attempts to please everyone often at the expense of the individual. This distortion can manifest as anger, contempt, or bitterness. All of this is incredibly important at this point in time as we are in the midst of such strong cosmic and worldly transitions. 

At this point, either we are walking our path or we are not. If we are, then the framework of what we have built and created is reinforced - fortified to endure what's to come. If not, the constructs of our misdirected energies will fall apart, crumbling beneath the gravity of our current situation. This is, by no means, a negative occurrence. We are all called by our Purpose, to find within ourselves our place in Creation. Spirit wants this for us as well and will conspire to get us to where we are meant to be. 

The best thing that you can do for yourself is to observe. Review the last year and the happenings of your life and ask yourself what is the result of your efforts. All the answers to all the questions we hold within ourselves can be found in silence. The irony being that we do not enter into silence nearly enough to bring this deep, profound awareness forward. This moon, press pause in your life, and sit with some of the following questions: 

What have you done? What have you created for yourself? How does this fit into your vision for an ideal life? What is your vision for tomorrow, and how are the actions you are currently taking in alignment with this?