Contemplating Infitiny


What is infinity? The concept, as ancient as it is, is beyond understanding of any human being. And yet, as above so below. In looking at the natural world around us we have the representation of infinity everywhere.  

Water, critical to life and omnipresent, is the most available reflection of infinity. Reflecting upon the flow of stream, the flow of everything can be experienced. In understanding the cycle of water, the cycle of life is better understood. The moisture content within the air released through rain upon the mountaintop, accumulates, creating streams and rivers flowing down the hill. Is this not the unmanifested manifesting in the physical world? And as this water flows from mountain to the ocean, does this not return us to the shores of infinity once again? Further understanding that water is life to everything, the plants, the animals, the people, the land itself all thirst for this ubiquitous element.

My personal opinion is that, like water, infinity is a repetitious cycle that continues to operate without end. A story with no beginning and no conclusion, it rewrites itself, over and over and over. The actors may change, however the characters never do. Meaning that our souls play a number of different roles in the lifespan of synergy, however we all play a part in larger context beyond ourselves. We are thoughts in a cosmic mind, limitless as the ocean.