What is it about endings that we fear? Why, instead of embracing the unknown, do we run from it? 2016 has been a year of endings and beginnings. Indeed, a year of completion. As we transition into The new year, the question I ask you now is what aspect of your life, of your self, is coming to a close?

We are in the midst of a transition. A monumental shift within, and without, ourselves. This process of 'becoming' implies continuous movement and motion, from one thing and into another. As a result, who and what we have been cannot be as we become someone, indeed, something else. For now, let us focus on perhaps the most crucial aspect of this process - closure.

Closure is important. In fact that is an understatement. Closure is imperative for us to move on with our lives. Think back to your first love - the feelings and the emotions, new and sensational, that you experienced with this person. Now recall, when everything ended. As high as you flew with those feelings, it had the potential to bring you down as well. Yet unless you were able to bring closure to this relationship, more likely than not, there are still residual feelings for this person. How can we truly immerse ourselves in the depth of love when we are still holding onto the shores of the past? That is what now is all about. Whether it be love, career, purpose - whatever it is that we are being challenged with in our lives, we must come to terms with the ending (and beginning) of something. 

Take time this month to ask yourself what have you left open in your life. In finding the strength to close these doors, you find the ability to fully move into what comes next.