It is amazing how we look to blame that which is 'outside' of ourselves. As if, by identifying someone or something, we can skirt on the responsibility that is ours. Most recently, the year 2016 has taken the blame for our experience for the last 365 days.

2016 was indeed an incredible year. It was the year of completion, clearing space within and without ourselves for something new. For many, this meant the ending of an aspect of our lives: the ending of the relationship, a change in career, the passing of a loved one. Get for all of us, whether the circumstance was within ourselves or outside of ourselves, we faced closure on an aspect of our lives.

As each and everyone of us, experience this to some degree within our lives, we also experience this on a global level. The constructs in which we have lived our lives by, came tumbling down. Yet to fully create space, and transition into what we are all becoming, this was necessary. The question though, is less about the occurrences of this past year, and more so about how you dealt with it. This is where perspective is important.

Many people got caught up in the stream and currents of this year. In doing so, means that life was chaotic. However chaos, has its purpose.  what we identify as this organized, scattered energy, actually allows us to free ourselves of the framework that we live our lives by. This again offers and allows perspective. When looking back at the occurrences of 2016, I challenge you to instead of viewing this past year as chaotic, ask yourself what has this the occurrences of happenings of 2016 allowed me to be?