Rhythm. A principle of Creation greatly undervalued and appreciated. What happens when we align ourselves with the currents of the Divine? What more is possible when we surrender, and move with the flow that surrounds us? 

Today, answer that question for yourself. The winter solstice has passed. Yet the energy of this occurrence is present.  When translated, solstice breaks down to 'the sun standing still'. From the ancients' perspective, it appeared as if the sun itself had stopped in the sky. As such, the earth faced its longest night and shortest day of the year. However, when we look at this occurrence through the lens of mythology, we're able to see the wisdom within this event.

What happens when we enter stillness? When we, like the sun, halt our movement (mind & body) and be silent? As we clear ourselves, we are able to exercise perspective in our lives, and upon ourselves differently. We are able to reflect and contemplate without judgment or remorse, seeing with eyes unbiased. 

Why is this important? We all have a choice - the decision  on how we live our lives. Until now most of us have lived our lives based upon our past. This has been what motivated us, what has moved us. However, in moving forward, we must do so differently. Instead of moving away from who we have been, we are presented with the choice, to move into who we are becoming. 

At the very core of this decision, is a vibration that will carry us into the new year. One way or the other, gripping to the past or embracing our future, your decision will dictate what life will be from this moment on.  Take time this season to still, quiet, and slow life down. Only then will you be able to best decide what you move forward into.