Forecast 10/9 ~ 10/15


What 'cage' have you created for yourself? Rather, what is the story that you have authored, leading to the life that you are living now? Moreover, can the life that you currently lead and the life you wish to live coexist? These are the questions to ask yourself this week, as we all endeavor to answer them in our lives. 

We are all subject to the laws of Creation. One such law, cause and affect (aka Karma), has been prevelant in our lives the past few months. If you have been working diligently on wealth, then money has been steadily coming into your life. If your focus has been family and love, then you have been living with a loving family. If you have been experiencing none of these things then guess what, that is on you as well. 

This week, we come to a head with Karma. While we see this as dealing with the affects of the actions of our lives, there is more to it than this. Each action has absolutely created an effect in our lives, a specific quality shaping our perspective.

Yet each affect has acted as another cause to another affect. This allows us to learn from the cause and to create something different. Rather, if our lives are not what we want then how can we be the cause of all that we desire? If you want riches and do not have them, how can you be the cause of wealth? If you are seeking love in life, and do have it then how can you be the cause of bringing more of it into your life? 

The trick of all this is to realize that you are both jailer and prisoner, both the cage and the caged, both the cause and the affect in your life. In realizing this you empower yourself to liberation and freedom through responsible action now.