From the Darkness

“One ford not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious” ~ Carl Jung

We live in a society with very little relationship with the unseen. As such, the concepts of the invisible (faith, spirituality, magic, etc) are classified as being 'esoteric' or as being only comprehended by a small portion of the group. Yet our relationship with that which we cannot fully perceive exists within all of us. Even if we do not believe in gravity, we are still subject to its laws. (As my son, he keeps falling off EVERYTHING nowadays!). Therefore, this relationship (like any relationship) is something we can choose to be a part of, participate in, and realize. 

While many fear entering the darkness, it is only in the shadows that we can truly know who we are. When we focus entirely upon light, we come to know only half of our being. This is misleading, and honestly, bullshit. It is in the hurt we have felt, the fears that we have felt, that the truth of who we are emerges. 

So next time you start to feel agitated or anger, remember this. Because you are onto something great. That greatness that you will find in your darkness, will allow you to shine more brightly than you could ever imagine!