I loved Halloween. I distinctly remember my childhood, and the feeling of excitement that I had in looking forward to dressing as my favorite comic book or fictional character. one year, I was a ninja. Complete with wooden sword and face mask. Another year, I was the Domino's pizza mascot - the Noid. While I hadn't realized it yet, I was participating in a long tradition (albeit distorted) that stretches back through space and time. 

Samhain (sow-in) has its roots as one of the 8 major celebrations of the wheel of time. With its origin in the Druid beliefs, Samhain signifies a shift in the seasons from the warm of summer to the cold of winter. This shift, as we dig deeper into the meaning behind the seasons, is a transition from life (light) into death (darkness). Consequently the associations of this celebration was one of rememberance for those who have passed. 

The perspective remains the same, even today, even if distorted. While many will 'dress-up' for Halloween, assuming another persona. By masking ourselves, we hide our true form as we celebrate with spirits (alcohol). Trust me, I've been there and done that! This year, however, I will celebrate differently. By focusing upon the energy of the transition, and honoring the relationship of the seen and the unseen I will work with ritual. You see, ritual has the power to communicate powerfully to the subconscious mind and the greater consciousness at large. By invoking certain aspects within ourselves, we are able to evoke responses within the world without. This year, before heading out to where ever you plan on celebrate, sit quietly in meditation allow yourself the opportunity to connect with the stillness. I wager therein lies something powerful for you.